Grazie, signor Bach

bach - 11noteMinimum price € 5,00 (with CD attached)

Text M. Lenarduzzi
Illustrations R. Cersosimo
Music of J. S. Bach performed by Maestro Andrea Giè
16 pages – 16.5 x 23.5 centimeters

(Review written by Giuseppe Limongelli of Rome)

“I received the little book by 11 Note. It is very interesting.
I made due copies of it and I gave them for now to my niece E. who is 12 and the little girl A. who is 3. Then we listened to the divine music on the CD.
E. is in early middle school, she is studying flute and will bring it to school for showing it to her friends and the music teacher.
Personally I found it so exhaustive, that, with the few words with which it is written, it gives a lesson of the history, geography, religion and politics of Bach’s period. It explains in a simple manner the music, the scores and the various musical instruments.
The cherry of the tart comes when one listens to the music of Bach performed by Maestro Andrea Gie, an execution truly excellent”

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