About us

We are a small group of music lovers who, in June 2007, formed an association under the name of 11 Note.

The Association is named 11 Note because the Association’s founder has 11 grandchildren.

The purpose was to offer free of charge music instruction to 250 children of an elementary school in Rozzano in the southern outskirts of Milan.
The elementary school where we launched this project is the one on Via Milano in Rozzana. Our musical activities commenced with the 2007 scholastic year.

In October 2008, the children became 500 because we also adopted another elementary school of Scholastic Circle No. 2, the elementary school on Via Garofani, also in Rozzano.

There, in the Via Garofani School, 10 children started to study the clarinet and another 10 the flute.

Those in the school on Via Milano followed with the study of the piano and the classical guitar.

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