Who can enroll in this music courses?
All of the children in the elementary schools where 11 Note operates are automatically enrolled.

How Much does one pay?
It is totally free. Students do not pay anything.

Are the musical instrument lessons paid in part?
No, they are totally free.

Can any child learn how to play an instrument?
No, only 20 children per school.

How can I get my child enrolled in a musical instrument lesson?
By asking for the appropriate form from the Secretary of the School. Their musical aptitudes will be evaluated by the instructors. Among the children will be selected the 20 best.

Can my child select the instrument?
No, the choice of instrument will be at the unquestionable judgement of the music teachers.

My child does not attend the school where 11 Note operates, can he enroll as an external student only for the music?

My child must decline to study an instrument because I am not able to buy it. What can I do?
It is not necessary to spend anything for the instruments, they are acquired by 11Note and lent to the children.

Where do the lessons take place?
At school, one hour a week, two children at a time, at appropriate schedules agreed to with the Scholastic Director.

Where and when do the children practice the instrument?
At school, one hour each day, at appropriate schedules agreed to with the Scholastic Director.

Is studying music obligatory?
No, after 4 years of music instruction it has never happened that a student did not want to study music.

Are the grades in music average in with the grades in the other subjects?