A Little opera

In June, at the end of the 2007/2008 school year, the children will sing, dance and act in a little opera, entitled, “From the Cradle to the Trumpet”, composed for the occasion by Maestro Andrea Gie’, text by M. Lenarduzzi, arrangement of the text and theatrical direction by Vice-Director of the school, Dr. Wanda Zurrida, costumes by the work of the parents of the children.

The Permanent Choir of the school, with its 40 choir members, will not be the only ones to take part in the play. There will also be actors, dancers, mimes, stage director, call boys and all of the persons usually involved in the staging of a complex theatrical show.

A dance teacher will lend her labor for about 10 hours.

So even the children who are not part of the chorus byt have other qualities will be involved.

There is a grand ferment among the children: they are learning the choruses very rapidly.
It is not rare to hear them singing in groups during recreation.

The production of the little opera will put in evidence how receptive the children are to the appeals of music.

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