Concerts, demonstrations and plays

These represent the moments in which the children can show also to the others the results of their musical studies.
They are the demonstration of how much the children are receptive to music and how much they love it.

11 Note is very proud to not have taken part in the complaints, rightly made by educated and competent persons, that for elementary school students there is no serious classical music instruction but of having directly agitated so that this would become a reality.

Where first there was a wall, now there are doors open, the children can cross over.

The first public exhibition of the children happened in the school gym on the occasion of Christmas 2007, in the presence of the Director, Dr. Sernea Fabbri, of the complete teacher corps, of the President of 11 Note, Maria Gloria Stella, of the Mayor of Rozzano, Dr. Massimo D’Avolio, and of the parents and relatives of the children.

The children who sang stood, the others were seated on the floor.

At the end, 250 children were standing, guided by proven experience of Maestro Andrea Giè.

The choir, after only two months of instruction, was able t provide a presentation of quality, demonstrating how essential was the introduction to music.

The parents, who had immediately shown much interest in the initiative of 11 Note, were proud of the talents acquired by their children.

The school teachers had collaborated so that everything would happen with order and attention.

The families of the children prepared a grand snack for everyone.

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